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There are numerous ways to medicate with marijuana: vaping, dabbing, smoking and ingesting. Today I want to focus on the method of ingesting and the most popular way is by consuming edibles. The overall effects from edibles can vary from person to person and can result in a more intense, longer-lasting high than smoking. After consumption, it generally takes anywhere from 45-120 minutes for one to start feeling the effects. The Higher Path takes pride in its edible selection as we have a variety to choose from: hard candy, cookies, brownies, gummies, drinks, etc. As you continue reading this article you will learn more about the Top 5 edibles we carry.

For starters, who doesn’t love chocolate? Kiva Confections offers a nice selection of edibles to choose from but the most popular ones would be the 180mg THC chocolate bars and the Kiva Terra Bites. Kiva’s all natural ingredients, combined with cannabis, offer four crowd-pleasing chocolate bar flavors: blackberry, tangerine, mint Irish cream and vanilla chai, while their Terra Bite flavors come as espresso bean or blueberry. Each batch is lab tested to ensure consistent THC potency, which I believe, is what makes this product so popular. From my experience their edibles are bursting with flavor and provide potent hybrid effects that won’t disappoint.

Kiva Confections

The next edible may come as no surprise to edible enthusiasts like myself, as it’s my favorite edible we carry: Kushy Punch. Their medicated gummies come in six different varieties – three 100mg THC options: hybrid (tropical punch), sativa (strawberry), indica (plum) – a 200mg option known as T.K.O (lime) – and two CBD options. Kushy Punch’s all-natural gummy formula provides users with a memorable experience from it’s overall flavor and potent effects, with an activation time of up to 60-minutes. All their gummies are made with terpenes to give you that extra edge you’re looking for in an edible high. I personally love the sativa Kushy Punch as it’s great for a night out with friends or a midday high. It stimulates energy and provides uplifting cerebral effects that promote creativity and focus while fighting off depression. I highly recommend trying this product. However, a little goes a long way – remember, it’s extremely potent so start off conservatively, I recommend 6.25 mg and then build your tolerance up.

Kushy Punch

The remaining popular edibles would fall under the hard candy category: Paradise Ranchers and Breez Mints. Paradise Ranchers keep their edibles simple and sweet with three flavors of apple (sativa), watermelon (indica) or lemon (CBD) and offers 15mg or 50mg options. Paradise’s candy products are made with quality organic and natural ingredients for cannabis patients to enjoy.

Culture Magazine

Breez Mints are great for on-the-go edibles as they are fast acting and offer a range of milligram dosages, meeting the needs of all types of cannabis patients. The reason I believe these edibles are popular is because the THC absorbs into the soft tissue of your cheeks and gums, providing a more efficient and quicker high. Although I do not personally recommend it, due to the discreet nature of these candies, a lot of patients have had success traveling with them which is another reason I believe these edibles are popular among our patients

Breez Mints

I hope this article was educational for you about edibles and the potential experience you might have while ingesting them. Next time you visit The Higher Path make sure to consult with a budtender about these products and finding the right dosing method for your needs. Enjoy!

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